Recycling Rare Earth

Developments of REE (Nd,Dy)Recovery Equipment from Nd Magnet Scrap and Recovery Equipment, We sale Recycling Rare Earth.

[Rare Earth recovery process]

●Developments of REE (Nd,Dy) Recovery Equipment from Nd Magnet Scrap


[Rare Eath separation and purification process]

●Developments of Nd/Dy Separation & Purification Equipment from REE Mixed Oxide



[Developed Emulsion Flow Solvent Extraction Technology]

●Mixed oxide of Nd and Dy recovered from Nd magnet scrap has been processed by the EF extractor for the separation of Dy and Nd-Pr up to 99.9% grade.


We sale EF extractor.


*You want and can observe the demonstration plant more. (Prior registration required to attend)




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