CMC Recycling Rare earth Price-list and Order Form(2021/04/1/〜04/30)

CMC Recycling Rare earth

It is the rare earth elements which I collected from various neodymium magnet scraps.

Didymium Oxide Didymium Oxalate Dysprosium Oxide Dysprosium Oxalate


    Rare Earth Oxide

Product Name Purity 500g 1kg More than10kg
Dysprosium  Oxide Dy2O3 2N
Didymium     Oxide Nd2O3/Pr6O11 2N

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     Rare Earth Oxalate       

Product Name Purity 500g 1kg More than10kg
Dysprosium Oxalate Dy2(C2O4)3 2N
Didymium Oxalate Nd2(C2O4)3/Pr6(C2O4)11 2N

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Sample-Rare earth(Six kinds of sets)

Unit : Japanese yen (excluding tax)

Product Name Purity Net Price
Didymium Oxalate (Nd2(C2O4)3/Pr6(C2O4)11 2N 15g


Didymium Oxide (Nd2O3/Pr6O11 2N 20g
Didymium Oxalate (Nd2(C2O4)3/Pr6(C2O4)11 3N 15g
Didymium Oxide (Nd2O3/Pr6O11 3N 20g
Dysprosium Oxalate (Dy2(C2O4)3 2N 15g
Dysprosium  Oxide (Dy2O3 3N 20g

Sales Policy, Target Customer and Selling Price

Sales Policy
We do not use the agency system and should be all direct marketing.
But we can go by way of a purchase company of the designation when we cannot deal it directly by the circumstances of the customer.

Target Customer
We sell stock, new workmanship to anyone from one regardless of personal state, corporation together.
The order from the foreign countries cannot be accepted.
The delivery of the product is limited only in Japan.

Selling Price
Above products are sold at the current price.


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