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Emulsion Flow (EF)

Recovery of rare metals such as rare earth, Ni, Co, Li, and U from urban mine, waste waters, natural water, etc.
●Removal of toxic elements such as B, As, and radioactive elements from waste waters, drinking water, brine, etc.
●Removal of sludge, oil, and surfactant from waste water of water-based paint, oily waste water, washing waste water, etc.
EF apparatus is produced based on the patent of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)

We can supply the EF extractor from a testing apparatus to a factoy practical use apparatus at your request.

Characteristic of EF extractor

Low Initial and Running Cost

 ・Simple Configuration and Operation by the

  Liquid Flow with Pump only


 ・Small Size but Large Volume Processing Ability

Easy Operation

 ・On/off of Pump and Open/close of Valve only

No Oil Leakage

 ・Perfect Phase Separation)



Schematic flow of EF extractor operation

Aqueous phase is sprayed from the upper head and organic phase from the bottom head. Mixing and separation of aqueous phase and organic phase can be controlled only by the counter- current flow of both liquid with the pump. Phase separation is occurred simultaneously with extraction. 


Testing Apparatus CMC-EF1





Practical use example of EF extractor
@Mixed oxide of Nd and Dy recovered from Nd magnet scrap has been processed by the EF extractor for the separation of Dy and Nd-Pr up to 99.9% grade using PC-88A in kerosene. (CMC company)
ARemoval of U from decontamination waste water of centrifugal U enrichment equipment using TnOA and HDEHP in kerosene. (JAEA)

BRecovery of Ni from electroless plating waste using Lix84l and PC-88A in D70 diluent.
CRecovery of La and Gd from optical glass waste using PC-88A in kerosene.


Specification of Testing  Apparatus CMC-EF1

Specification of CMC-EF1

EF Vessel 1Tower


PVC68φx600 mm


Organic Phase Separation Column

PVC100φx100 mm


Aqueous Phase Separation Column

PVC100φx150 mm

Usable Treating Solution


Dilute Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid

Usable Solvent


D70, Kerosene, PC-88A etc.

For more detail see notice shown below.

Diaphragm Pump 2Units


AC100V, 30W, 3A (Max.), 50/60 Hz

See Attached Pump Manual for More Detail

Range of Flow Rate

0-540 ml


Variable Stroke

20-100 %


Max. Working Pressure

0.2 MPa

Reservoir Tank

Aqueous Phase

3.5 L


Organic Phase

3.5 L

External Size


800W X 500D X 1053H mmIncluding Base Plate

Please be careful to use solvent and solution damaging polyvinyl chloride.
The extractant, diluent, and treating solution shown below are usable in this EF extraction apparatus.




D70, kerosene, octanol, decanol, n-paraffin, EHA

Treating solution

Hydrochloric acid (<38%, RT), nitric acid (<10%, RT),
sulfuric acid (<30%, RT), sodium hydroxide (<30%, RT)

D2EHPAdi(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid
tri-iso octylamine
tetraoctylammonium bromide
   BEPD : 2-butyl-2-ethyl-1,3-propanediol
   EHA : 2-ethylhexanol
   If you want to use another extractant and diluent, please contact us.   
     • The flow rate of EF extractor can be changed twice as much by extra cost.


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